Calabria Bella 190g

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Using only the finest Calabrian ingredients such as local Peperoncino chilli and porcini mushrooms, this spicy hot spread makes a great bruschetta topping.

Suggested use: Toast a slice of crusty bread (see our Sicilian Bruschetta Bread) on a griddle pan, rub with a garlic clove and top with the spread and some fresh chopped tomatoes. It makes a wonderful antipasto when served with some sliced prosciutto and salami. Alternatively, stir a couple of tablespoons through some cooked pasta for an original spicy sauce.

Ingredients:Sun dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms (Boletus Edulis, Lactarius Deliciosus, Tricholoma P.), aubergines, extra virgin olive oil, Peperoncino chilli, capers, aromatic herbs, vinegar, salt

This has a 18+ months shelf life. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 10 weeks (if drying out, top up your jar with extra-virgin olive oil).

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