The South Bank Market




You can find the Bread Tree Bruschetta stand almost every weekend at the South Bank Market in London. We offer a variety of bruschetta toppings for £3 (or 2 for £5). We use our traditional Sicilian Bruschetta Bread, Calabrian mix of Bruschetta Seasoning, top grade E.V. Olive Oil and fresh ripe tomatoes. We also have dailly specials with extra toppings (such as Parma ham, Mozzarella and Rocket for £5).  

Another delicacy that we're very proud of, and is ONLY available at the South Bank Market is our selection of 'Guilt Free Muffins'. These are amazingly sweet and delicious whilst being completely sugar free - a must try!

If you're looking for our products, we always have a selection available too; whether you fancy a jar of Esplosivo, Nduja Salami and Sun Dried Tomato Paste, or a pack of our beautiful seasonings come, and and pay us a visit.

The market is next to the Royal Festival Hall. For more info, please visit the South Bank Market Website.

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