Sicilian Bruschetta Bread 450g

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This exceptional artisan bread is made in Sicily with 100% Sicilian durum wheat. This product is contained in a vacuum pack to preserve all its freshness, and it has a shelf life of up to 3 months, amazing considering that there are no preservatives in it! The bread is ready to eat, you do not need to bake it, but off course for a perfect bruschetta we suggest to grill it for a few minutes using a contact grill or a griddle pan. This is a real party saver! No need to rush to the bakery shop, just store a few of this beautiful bread loafs into your cupboard and you are always ready to impress your guest with a perfect bruschetta Italian style!.

Suggested use: Take the slices you need out of the vacuum packet 10 minutes before using the bread and grill the bread using a contact grill or a griddle pan for a perfect rustic bruschetta.

Ingredients: 100% Sicilian durum wheat, water, natural raising agents, salt

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