Welcome to BREAD TREE - Specialist in Italian Peperoncino chilli products, Bruschetta Bread, fine dipping sauces and tapenades from Southern Italy, Italian oregano, herbs for pasta and bruschetta. Our products are selected from top artisan producers in the renowned regions of Sicily, Calabria, and Puglia in Italy - 100% Italian 100% Natural Ingredients!



We have a selection of the finest genuine Italian Peperoncino Chilli, Bruschetta Bread, Toppings & Pastes, and traditional dried herbs and seasonings. All our products are sourced from southern Italy; with chillies and pastes from Calabria and Artisan Breads from Sicily. These are all unique artisan delicacies, packed full of flavours and fragrances that will transport you straight to the Mediterranean. Below are some of our customers' favourite items:


Product no.: BS016

£5.00 *
In stock

New Esplosivo 280g x6

Product no.: 300

£39.00 *
In stock

Sun Dried Tomato Paste 190g *Great Taste 2013

Product no.: BS006

£6.99 *
In stock

Peperoncino Chilli Paste 190g

Product no.: BS001-1

£6.50 *

Whole Dried Peperoncino Chillies 100g

Product no.: S001-1

£4.00 *
In stock

Aglio, Olio, E Peperoncino Pasta Seasoning 100g

Product no.: S003

£7.50 *
In stock

Bruschetta Seasoning 100g

Product no.: S004

£6.70 *
In stock

Spaghettata Di Mezzanotte 80g

Product no.: S005

£6.70 *
In stock


Product no.: BS016-1

£7.95 *
In stock

Sicilian Bruschetta Bread 450g

Product no.: BB001

£3.50 *
In stock

Peperoncino Chilli Paste 1kg

Product no.: BS001-3

£25.00 *
In stock

Olives and Chilli Paste 190g

Product no.: BS004

£6.80 *

Sun Dried Tomato Paste Huge 1kg *Great Taste 2013

Product no.: BS006-1

£29.00 *
In stock

Calabria Bella 190g

Product no.: BS013

£6.80 *
In stock

Calabria Bella Huge 1kg

Product no.: BS013-2

£27.00 *

New Calabrian Pressed Olives 1KG

Product no.: BS039

£29.00 *

Chargrilled Sundried Tomatoes in EVO oil

Product no.: BS339

£7.00 *

New Red Habanero Paste 90g

Product no.: IM00309

£5.50 *

New Peperoncino Chilli Paste 190g x6

Product no.: 400

£31.99 *

New Bruschetta Seasoning 100g x6

Product no.: 500

£32.99 *
In stock

New Esplosivo Habanero 280g

Product no.: BT0111

£8.05 *
In stock

New ESPLOSIVO Habanero 90g

Product no.: BT0112

£5.10 *
In stock


Product no.: BT0113

£19.00 *
In stock
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