Lingua di Suocera (Colourful Pasta) 250g

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Our “Mother in law’s tongues” is an elegant, hand made pasta 15 inches (38 cm) long that offers a real foodie lover's treat. All the colours are completely natural; the green is from spinach, violet beetroots, and so on…

* Top quality Italian Durum Wheat

* Hand Made

* All natural ingredients to create colours

* Dried Slowly & Naturally

* Extruded through a Bronze Dye for Rough Texture

Suggested use:this pasta can be served with your favourite pasta sauce, or why not try it with some simple extra virgin olive oil and our “Aglio olio e peperoncino” seasoning, sprinkling Parmiggiano at the end.

Ingredients:durum wheat, water, red pasta with chilli pepper and/or tomato 4%, green-spinach or nettle 4%, violet beetroots 4%, yellow-kurkuma 4%.

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