Italian Chilli Box

Italian Chilli Box

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Calabrian chilli has a unique and delicious taste, we love this chilli because it does not cover the original taste of foods but enrich them. Our producers work only with the finest produce of Calabria region of Italy following traditional methods.

These are the four products part of this hamper:

1. "Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino" pasta seasonings 100g.

2. Olio Piccante 35g. (Spicy extra virgin olive oil made by natural maceration of fresh chillies)

3. ESPLOSIVO chilli & vegetable sauce 90g. (ideal as a bruschetta spread or to add to your tomato sauce)

4. Peperoncino Chilli Paste 30g. (an esquisite italian chilli sauce to use in all mediterranean dishes)..

All these products come with a small tag in English which contains some useful serving suggestions.

We also sell these products separately, and you can find more information about them in our Fine Italian Foods section.

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