Beatuful colourful and white pastas, made with Durum Wheat - natural ingredients & colourings!

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Rustic Spaghetti - 500g

Product no.: PT015

£4.00 *

Lingua di Suocera (Colourful Pasta) 250g

Product no.: PT001

£6.50 *

Farfalle Arcobaleno (Rainbow Bow-Ties) g 250

Product no.: PT003

£6.00 *
Old price £6.50

Mexican Hats (Colourful Pasta) 250g

Product no.: PT004

£6.50 *

Left Over Pasta (Colourful Mix) 500g

Product no.: PT005

£5.80 *
Old price £6.15

Linguini (Black Squid Ink Pasta) 250g

Product no.: PT010

£4.00 *
Old price £4.95

Spugnole Pasta (White) 500g

Product no.: PT008

£4.20 *
In stock

Cuori Mix (Colourful Heart Pasta) 500g

Product no.: PT014

£6.00 *
In stock

New Farfalle Nero-Blu 250g

Product no.: PT019

£6.00 *
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